Healthy Foundations

Healthy Foundations provides you and your family with Plan benefits to help you maintain or improve your health. While the Plan provides you and your family with benefits and tools, it is up to you to use them. There is nothing as important as your health, so take charge of it today. To see your Healthy Foundations Account (HFA) balance on your debit card, please log in.

The Plan pays for preventive care services at 100%. Covered services include annual physicals, immunizations, and age- and gender-specific screenings.

CDC Adult Immunization Recommendations

Recommended Screening Exams

How to Make Money…For Taking Control of Your Health

The Plan rewards you and your spouse for taking control of your health. You and your spouse, if you are married, can each participate in the program and receive an annual contribution of $200 into your family Healthy Foundations Account (HFA), a health reimbursement arrangement. If you and your spouse follow these steps, the total annual contribution possible is $400 per family. Your family can use the money in your HFA to pay for eligible healthcare expenses. Here’s how the program works, for you or your spouse:

  1. Take the Health Risk Assessment (instructions) or get a physical
  2. Get $100 contribution to HFA
If you have been diagnosed with or identified as at risk for developing a chronic disease:If you are healthy and at lower risk:
3. Follow the instructions on the letter your receive to contact and work with your health coach or call 1-800-367-9938 to set up your appointment to speak with an Optimal Health coach. For every calendar quarter you maintain contact with your coach, you receive a $25 contribution to your HFA. See your HFA debit card balance . 3. Participate in one of the Ironworkers' wellness and disease management programs.

4. Contact your health coach:

  • Contact with coach January, February, March: Get $25
  • Contact with coach April, May, June: Get $25
  • Contact with coach July, August, September: Get $25
  • Contact with coach October, November, December: Get $25
4. Get $100 contribution to HFA
Maximum annual contribution possible per person: $200
Maximum annual contribution possible per family: $400

Cheaper Drugs for Common Diseases

In addition to providing benefits for preventive services, the Plan also provides special benefits for participants diagnosed with the Plan’s most common diseases: diabetes, high blood pressure/heart disease, high blood cholesterol, and asthma. The prescription drug copayments for prescriptions to control these conditions have been lowered so that you don’t have to pay anything for generic medications, $20 for preferred brand medications and $40 for non-preferred brand medications for a 90-day supply, if you use the mail order pharmacy. If you use a retail pharmacy, you pay half the price for a 34-day supply. Go to and look for the Therapeutic Drug Program after you sign in.

These links will provide information about your condition:


Blood pressure/ heart disease

High blood cholesterol


Web tools for healthy living on the BCBSIL Web site (you need to log in and then click on My Health)

The Plan pays for preventive care services at 100%. Covered services include check-ups and immunizations.

Recommended Immunization Schedules

Kids activities to learn about nutrition

If you have questions about how the HFA works, read the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).

Read the instructions on how to access and take the Health Risk Assessment.


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