Benefits for Medicare Retirees

Your health care benefits are provided through a Blue Cross Blue Shield Medicare Advantage plan. You should check the Schedule of Benefits you were provided by Blue Cross Blue Shield for details. You may also call their Customer Care Line at 1-877-299-1008 or contact the Fund Office.


Typically, you become eligible for Medicare when you turn age 65. You may be eligible for Medicare earlier if you are disabled.

To learn more about Medicare and eligibility requirements, visit Medicare’s website

Medicare offers hospitalization benefits (Medicare Part A) and medical benefits (Medicare Part B). These two parts are sometimes referred to as “Original Medicare.”

However, you can choose to enroll in the Fund’s Medicare benefits plan. The Fund’s plan for Medicare-eligible retirees offers coverage that is as good as or better than Original Medicare.

The Fund’s plan is a Medicare Advantage plan. These plans cover the same benefits as Medicare (and are often more generous) but are offered by private entities instead of the federal government.

Learn more about the preparing for retirement and about the Fund’s Retiree Plan in the Summary Plan Description.

Yes. When you turn age 65, you must enroll in Medicare (sometimes called Original Medicare, or Medicare Parts A and B). If you don’t, you may have to pay a penalty for delayed coverage.

When you enroll in the Fund’s Medicare plan, you will need to give your effective start date of coverage under Medicare Parts A and B.

Contact the Fund Office to learn more about enrolling in the Retiree Plan and Medicare.


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